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Classic Point-And-Click Adventure Game ‘Voodoo Kid’ Returns For Another Bout With Baron Saturday

Explore! Solve! Fight! … or RUN!!!

Calgary, Canada, April 20th, 2021: Digital Theory is proud to announce the worldwide relaunch of Voodoo Kid, a popular point-and-click adventure game with puzzle-solving elements originally produced and published by Infogrames in 1997. Today, the game has been resurrected in all of its classic glory and is available using a contemporary launcher via STEAM™ and GOG® supporting French, German, Spanish in addition to English.

Game Trailer:

Voodoo Kid tells the remarkable tale of a haunted ship led by the king of the zombies, Baron Saturday, who has captured the souls of the crew and is steering them towards the Island of Lost Souls. Your task as protagonist is to find a way to defeat the Baron, free the crew, and return to the land of the living. To accomplish this, you are tasked with assembling a navigational map by exploring the ship and collecting the missing pieces, while solving puzzles and escaping the traps set in motion by the Baron. Ultimately, you must come face to face with the Baron and defeat him using the knowledge you have gained along your adventure.

Voodoo Kid is suitable to retro-fans, fans of old-school classic adventure games and the new generation of players looking to experience the golden age of adventuring. Download your copy of the game today!


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