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M1 Tank Platoon II

M1 Tank Platoon II


M1 Tank platoon II gives you command of a platoon of four M1A2 Abrams tanks and their crew. You make all the important decisions; including firing your tank’s vast arsenal of weapons and using the state-of-the-art thermal view to seek out and destroy enemy forces. Switch between fully-functioning internal cockpits or, observe the conflict at first hand with the external 3-D view. It’s all there for you: from commanding an individual tank to calling in support from aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and infantry!

  • Jump into Instant Action with a random single battle scenario that pits you against front-line Russian troops and equipment
  • Complete your training at ‘actual’ U.S. Army facilities at the Armor School, Fort Knox and the National Training Center, Fort Irwin
  • Take part in a variety of pre-configured single battles and replay great historical and hypothetical conflicts: including the Gulf War and Cold War scenarios
  • Choose a Campaign theatre of war from Gulf War II, North Africa, Russian Far East, Balkans or Central Europe and fight a string of battles with every mission dictated by your strategic performance in previous missions
  • Experience a dynamic reality; some ‘targets’ will be rebuilt as the campaign evolves, while others might be destroyed by ‘friendly’ units


M1 Tank Platoon II on Steam
M1 Tank Platoon II on GOG
M1 Tank Platoon II on Epic Games Store


MicroProse Software, Inc., Digital Theory Ltd.


Action, Simulation, Strategy


May 3rd, 2022