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Includes Tornado: Operation Desert Storm

The Tornado aircraft is an unmatched combination of speed and lethal fire power. Now, Digital Integration is proud to present TORNADO – unsurpassed by any flight simulator to date. Options range from ground-based simulator training to multi-aircraft multi-mission campaigns involving a vast array of aircraft and ground vehicles. With design input from RAF aircrew and British Aerospace, TORNADO is unequalled in authenticity. DI’s expertise gives you a richly detailed landscape and depth of gameplay. The choice is yours – go it alone or take the squadron and discover what real Tornado pilots mean by a “target rich environment”…

Features of TORNADO
– Simulator training, combat & multi-mission campaigns
– 2 seat cockpit – pilot and navigator/weapons officer
– GP bombs, cluster bombs, JP2333, ALARM, air-to-air missiles and more!
– Multi-aircraft coordinated attacks
– Laser designated bombs with pin-point accuracy
– Authentic handling and avionics
– Sophisticated mission planning system
– Rolling landscapes with extensive natural and man-made features
– Night flying and low visibility options
– Autopilot includes terrain following and nav/attack systems
– 2 player option for head-to-head dogfight


Tornado on Steam


Digital Integration Ltd., Digital Theory Ltd.


Flight Sim

Release Date

September 17, 2023